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Welcome to my Homepage. I try to update my site weekly with the latest news & pictures, so please come back and visit often. If you would like to hear about updates to the site, please join as a member and you will be notified when new info & photos are added.

My name is Paris, and I am a dog lover, and breeder of CKC and AKC registered Pomeranians. We are located in BC, Canada. My dogs are my babies, and are spoiled accordingly, and I expect all of my puppies to be treated in the manner to which they've become accustomed. I reserve the right to approve all new homes, and I prefer to place them in forever pet homes where they will be adored for the rest of their lives. I always love to receive photos & updates on the puppies I have placed.

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Since I was a child, I've always loved Pomeranians, and thought they were the cutest dogs on the planet (they are, after all). I decided to get a puppy in the beginning of November, 2002, and then decided that I was going to get the Pom I've always wanted. Everyone said I was crazy to get a puppy, but I was determined, and I'm so happy that I listened to my heart.


After looking around for a while, I realized that Poms are very much in demand, and not that easy to find sometimes. I planned to buy a female Pom puppy in the very beginning of January, because I knew that my work would slow down considerably for a couple of months right after New Years. So I spent December looking, especially through Christmas, and found no puppies available for January! I did, however, see an ad for a "Two year old Pomeranian male for stud or great pet" and called them hoping they would have puppies at some point. As it turns out, she had a litter of his puppies on the way, so I arranged to meet him to see what the pups would be like. Well, it was love at first sight for both of us, and I bought Titan that very night. So, instead of a female puppy, I ended up buying a 2 year old un-neutered male (best laid plans...lol) because I realized immediately that he was simply meant to be mine.

Out visiting family and showing off my new dog  : )

Well, he became my instant shadow, my baby, and my best friend. However, I quickly realized that he would be lonely once I was back at work all day, so I figured I'd better find him a companion. Since he was a CKC registered male, I thought that I should look for a CKC registered female to keep him company, and one day they could have puppies together. I used to breed bunnies, kittens, and horses as a child, so I loved the idea of having a house full of Pom puppies.


Since I was working a lot again, it made the most sense to buy an adult female that was past the potty-training, chewing, etc. stage. Little did I realize that I'd be looking for over a year to find one! After a year of daily searching online, and in all of the local newspapers I could get my hands on, I kind of gave up on that quest, and decided to get an 8 week old female pup. So, Bijou, who looked like a tiny black bear, came into the picture at the end of March, 2004.

Bijou (right) is the black one, pictured here with her sister and with all her siblings


Well, it was wonderful having a puppy in the house, although she seemed to have an aversion to using newspaper, and she loved to chew shoes and shred paper. At least she seemed to stick to one old pair of white flip-flops most of the time, so they became 'her' shoes. I managed to salvage most of the other ones...haha.

Bijou in September/07


I was so much in the habit of looking at the "Dog" ads in the papers by that point, that I kept looking occasionally, just out of 'curiosity'. Ironically, about a month after Bijou joined us, I saw an ad for a year and a half old female. After searching for one for so long, and almost believing they didn't exist, I had to call. They had gotten her at 8 weeks old, but their youngest daughter developed allergies, and they were forced to part with her. I went to see her, and fell in love yet again. And so, Tango became a part of our little family.

Tango's Baby Pic - thanks to Michelle for this adorable photo!

Tango (13 months) with Santa, the girls & Kitty; photo also courtesy of Michelle  : )

Tango in September/07

Now I had the '3 Musketeers' to keep each other company. They all have very different personalities, so they seem to balance each other out quite well. I must admit, they're quite spoiled, but extremely sweet and loving, so they have me wrapped around their little paws. I try to remember to be the Alpha in the 'pack', but they constantly try to make me forget...lol.

September 2007 Update:

Since that time, I have left my old job and I stay at home full time with the dogs, and I do real estate investment as well. This lets me make my own schedule and revolve my days (and nights) around my dogs and my newborn puppies whenever they need me. I have added new dogs to my breeding program, including several exotic colours: dark sable, light cream sable, blue brindle, white/cream, and chocolate & tan tri-colour.

The colours of puppies I produce now includes: orange, orange sable, cream sable, dark sable, black, cream, white, orange sable parti, black parti, chocolate parti, brindle, & chocolate, with new colours expected in the near future.


I would like them to live forever, or at least 20+ years ; )  so I feed them all only Ultra Premium or Holistic brands of dog food, and no people junk food whatsoever. Since little dogs live longer, and are more prone to losing their teeth, I stick to dry kibble, except for the very occasional treat of something like Ceasar's Gourmet mixed in. I also give them a natural whole-food supplement called Super Blue Green Algae (which I've taken myself for almost 13 years) which is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, etc. (to read more about it, go to CellTech.com) and I give them holistic treats & kibble for training and such. Occasionally they get little treats from the Doggy Bakery as well. They have their own little water cooler filled with purifed water (non-chlorinated, etc). Furthermore, they all have health insurance from Pet Plan, for accident, illness, and general health maintenance (ask me about a free voucher for coverage for your pet or your new puppy). So, they are all flourishing, happy, and in excellent health, as are their puppies!



My pet prices begin at $895 and include: up-to-date veterinary examinations, including dew claw removal. They are given the maximum number of vaccines allowable for their age & weight, and if they are old enough, they receive additional vaccines as well, such as Bordetella (Kennel Cough), which is mandatory for any type of Puppy Kindergarten, Daycare, etc. where they will come into contact with other dogs. They have had at least 4 de-wormings (Strongid-T, then Interceptor or Panacur) by the time they leave my home.

I provide a health certificate, as well as a written 1 year Health Guarantee. The price also includes a deluxe Puppy Gift Pack (see photo at top of "Puppies Available" page) with information, coupons, samples, accessories, puppy training pads, toys, blanket, and some of their food, so you can maintain their present diet or gradually switch them to your preferred premium brand. You can also get free introductory health insurance for accident or illness (where available), as well as Breeder support with any questions you may have in the future.

Finally, they all come pre-spoiled, healthy, happy, and well-loved. If, for any reason in the future, you are unable to keep your dog, I will always take them back, and find another suitable home for them.
















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